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  • Matrix TRC

  • Matrix TRC is a company specialized in Training, Research and Consulting. Our expertise revolves around all data solutions which defined ...
    Our mission
    Provide companies and people with research and data analysis know-how, allowing them to use most efficient analytical tools as well as the implementation of most adequate and complete data mining solutions.

  • Matrix TRC divisions

  • A state of the art institute for statistics and related topics, grouping a pool of international experts and university professors, delivering utmost data analytical and data mining training programs in the below sectors:
    Market Research and Surveys
    Data Analysis and Data Mining Techniques
    Marketing and CRM Research solutions
    Quality Control Measurements
    Food Industries’ and Related
    Six Sigma
    Clinical Research
    National Statistics

  • Matrix Surveys team of experts, analysts and fieldworkers (covering the Middle East in partnership with SWAT Field Force) delivers the below services:
    Complete fieldwork data collection
    Marketing and market surveys
    Customer satisfaction studies
    Exhaustive Root cause analysis

  • Matrix Quality Solution specialties cover:
    Quality assurance and control
    Quality management systems
    Customer satisfaction
    New product and product improvement
    Six Sigma programs

  • Matrix Biostatistix provides a full CLINICAL RESEARCH SUPPORT, covering:
    Study feasibility
    Protocol writing
    Statistical plan
    Data management
    Publication planning
    It also ensures keen Study Preparation and Sites Implementation through:
    Regulatory support
    Project management
    Site selection and patient recruitment
    Quality assurance and due diligence
    SOP development
    Pharma - covigilence

  • Matrix TRC is the creator and engineer of Triple One, one of the most sophisticated and advanced automated data analyzer. Winner of the Arab Golden Chip Award 2011 for the Best Innovative ICT project, Triple One allows researchers to profile customers profiles in seconds, get all correlation and association analysis in seconds instead of days.